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Sustainable, local and green

Since our start in 2015, Hoogendam has been committed to building the most sustainable company possible. It's a challenge we approach with 100% good intentions!

Het groene en duurzame Restaurant Hoogendam

Sustainability in action

As parents of three children who leave a footprint on a planet we must pass down, we believe it is our responsibility to be engaged with this issue and to continue doing so.


From the very beginning, we began making sustainable choices in equipment, lighting, and our product offerings, but it doesn't stop there. We regularly educate ourselves about new regulations, possibilities, and tips. This is not a static company; we are growing, including in the realms of sustainability and circularity.

Plastic-free terrace

In addition to all the choices we make, such as exclusively using LED lighting, waterless urinals, separating organic waste for processing, offering used frying oil as biofuel, and much more, we are also focused on raising awareness.


Our terrace is one of the few in Amsterdam that is entirely plastic-free. The water we serve is not delivered by polluting trucks; instead, we cool and filter it ourselves. A portion of the proceeds is used to fund water projects in developing countries.

Stek van plant op de tafel bij Restaurant Hoogendam. Groen en lokale gerechten
Frank en Romie Hoogendam met hun eigen Hoogendam bier.

Local and homemade products

The menu features many products from local suppliers, including coffee roasted in Amsterdam and our locally brewed Hoogendam beer. We take pride in our homemade lemonades, cookies, and cakes. Preventing waste is a significant theme within the company. We've noticed growing interest in this topic; our vegetarian and vegan offerings are expanding, and there's an increasing demand for local and homemade products.

Urban jungle

The plants in the restaurant should remind guests how nice and vital it is to live with nature and how essential it is for life in itself. Our lovely manager Roger, is an absolute plant dad and looks after our plants to perfection. He places cuttings on the tables and lets climbers go up the walls to add to our jungle vibe.

Binnenkijkje bij restaurant Hoogendam waar je je in een Urban Jungle waant
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